After two exciting Semi-Finals, the Grand Final of the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest is taking place tonight at the Altice Arena in Lisbon, Portugal.

After each finalist drew in which half of the Grand Final they will perform, the running order in which contestants will compete during Saturday night’s Eurovision Grand Final has been revealed.

According to the official Eurovision website, the running order for the 26 countries performing in the Eurovision 2018 Grand Final is:

1. Ukraine

2. Spain

3. Slovenia

4. Lithuania

5. Austria

6. Estonia

7. Norway

8. Portugal

9. United Kingdom

10. Serbia

11. Germany

12. Albania

13. France

14. Czech Republic

15. Denmark

16. Australia

17. Finland

18. Bulgaria

19. Moldova

20. Sweden

21. Hungary

22. Israel

23. The Netherlands

24. Ireland

25. Cyprus

26. Italy

This order was proposed by Christer Björkman, Contest Producer from the production team of Host Broadcaster RTP, and approved by the EBU’s Executive Supervisor and the Chairman of the Reference Group, the governing body of the contest on behalf of all 43 participating broadcasters.

If you need a reminder of the all 26 acts, here you can find it.

Good luck to all participating countries tonight and let the best song win!

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