The official slogan of the Eurovision Song Contest has been revealed by the European Broadcasting Union after months of speculations and suggestions and will be “Dare to dream.”

The news of next year’s slogan was confirmed on Twitter by the official accounts from both KAN and Eurovision:

We are going to Dare to Dream in Tel Aviv #Eurovision #ESC2019 #slogan pic.twitter.com/gJTQ4klQOD

— Eurovision (@Eurovision) October 28, 2018

During the official slogan unveiling ceremony, that took place in Jerusalem with executives from KAN and the EBU, The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, said:

“Netta dared to dream. Eurovision is coming to Israel this year. I dare to dream that Eurovision will be in Israel also in the year after. I’m sure all the songs will be great, but we dream and will also making our dreams a reality, said Benjamin Netanyahu”.

Eurovision is “worth the dream”

Jon Ola Sand commented on the choice of slogan for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. He said that Eurovision is something worth dreaming of. He remembered Netta having the dream of bringing Eurovision back to Israel and succeeding in that dream. He also added:
This aspirational tag line represents and symbolises everything that the Eurovision Song Contest is about. It’s about inclusion. It’s about diversity. It’s about unity.

The official theme work which will follow the slogan and the full list of participating countries is yet to be revealed.

Eurovision slogans through the years

2002 Tallinn A Modern Fairytale
2003 Riga Magical Rendezvous
2004 Istanbul Under The Same Sky
2005 Kiev Awakening
2006 Athens Feel The Rhythm!
2007 Helsinki True Fantasy
2008 Belgrade Confluence of Sound
2009 Moscow no slogan
2010 Oslo Share The Moment!
2011 Düsseldorf Feel Your Heart Beat!
2012 Baku Light Your Fire!
2013 Malmö We Are One
2014 Copenhagen #JoinUs
2015 Vienna Building Bridges
2016 Stockholm Come Together
2017 Kiev Celebrate Diversity
2018 Lisbon All Aboard!
2019 Tel Aviv Dare to Dream


Do you like this year’s slogan and which one was the best from the recent past? Share with us your thoughts.

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