The glorious winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 is back. His winner song topped the European charts after his victory, and his album “Fairytales” was released in 25 countries.

This year, Alexander Rybak is chosen to represent Norway for the second time in this popular competition with the song “That’s how you write a song.”

Bookmakers are predicting great success for this returning artist.

After the rehearsals in the Altice Arena in Lisbon, Norway has climbed on the second position to win the Eurovision 2018, while on May 8th after the First Semi-Final was over, Bookmakers as BET 365, Unibet, Betfair Sport and others had a new winner. Alexander Rybak has overtaken the Cyprus’ representative Eleni Foureira as bookmakers’ favourite to win the show.

Since the introduction of the Norwegian song to the public, Alexander Rybak was being constantly tipped as a potential winner of this year’s contest. Over the course of the past three days the Norway has moved from 7th to 2nd, and then to the 1st place in the booking odds.

Over the past there were several former participants who have tried their luck by coming back. Lys Assia (Switzerland), Carola (Sweden), Lena Mayer (Germany), Charlotte Nilsson (Sweden), Dana International (Israel), Jean-Claude Pascal (Luxembourg) and others have failed to win the Eurovision for the second time.


Can Alexander Rybak repeat the success of Johnny Logan (Ireland), the only singer who won the Eurovision Song Contest twice in the history of this competition, and win the same competition once again?

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