SAN MARINO: Second jury revealed

Their national selection is popular among the fans, as this small country is on the track to get the best Eurovision result to date as it seems!  First we got to know that Austrian singer Zoë Straub, who represented the country at Eurovision 2016, will be one of the juries for 1in360. And now, we also know the second in the row!

VINCE BUGG, dancer and choreographer will be the second jury of Sammarinese national final “1in360”. He has been professionally dancing since the very young age. His professional career as an adult started stepping straight into The Lion King on the West End and then it escalated from there into Broadway, traveling the world, working in Asia, all over Europe, and now he finds himself here.

And by here, he suggests 1in360 jury member title, which is a great opportunity.

“My critique is a little away from the singing and is more focused on the performance base. Very much with the fabric, the dancing, the way someone moves. It doesn’t have to be a full dance routine — you know, somebody standing still can still be very beautiful and moving. But what it has to do is make sure it’s working together rather than working against each other.”

The second wildcard will be chosen by you, as the voting closes on 10th December.

And we already know that third wildcard will go to Sammarinese artist.

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